Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just as I predicted...

Retail offerings are completely unpredictable! As we began developing the new look and feel of our retail space, I was uncertain what would appeal to our customers. 
Now I know! Compendium Books.
I have a difficult time keeping them on the shelves.  They are beautiful and inspiring and just what most of us need on a daily basis! Here is our number one best seller...

WARNING: If you buy one, you'll most likely be back to pick up a couple of more. They are the perfect gift for all the special people in your life. I gave one to my 20 year old son for Christmas and he loves it!

Live inspired!

We carry Paddywax Candles!

I absolutely love these candles! They look and smell so fresh.
Of course there is nothing like the fragrance of fresh flowers, but these
stylish little candles come awfully close. Lovely new flavors for spring are in!
(Anyone else tiring of winter?)

my personal favorite little pick me up for friends...

Brown Floral's 1st contest! Give these arrangements a name and win a Paddy Wax tin Candle!

Friday, January 14, 2011

How do we look?

Angela Williams of Polish Design helped us with our "new look". It was truly one of the hardest things we have done so far (keep in mind we haven't had a Valentine's day yet!) We weren't about to change the name of the business since Brown Floral has such a rich heritage. But the purple Iris looked a little dated so we set out to re-brand. Angela helped us along in our journey. We discovered that finding just the perfect look for your business takes a lot of effort but here's what she created for us and we love it!

Tell us what you think!

"Oh my! The flowers...stunning! The prettiest I have ever seen!" -Kim

The best thing about buying Brown Floral is that all of the employees stayed with us with the exception of a driver. We are so fortunate to have such a talented group of gals on our team!  We have added Tiffany Larson who took the lead on this wedding. It turned out absolutely beautiful. These are pictures of Kim Green's wedding that was held at the Millcreek Inn on December ___th, 2010. Congratulations Kim!

Check back for professional photos!

An emotional tribute

With the passing of Susie's father-in-law, we saw her talent shine through the dust of the remodel as she carefully prepared for his funeral.  She thoughtfully prepared each piece to honor him.  Her love for him and her art was so impressive.

A Dream and a Nightmare

What 95 year old doesn't need face lift? Of course Brown Floral has been in several locations over the years, but it has been located in this Holladay location for close to 20 years and it is ready for a major remodel. This is definitely a situation where pictures are worth a 1000 words...



 and there's more to come! Stay tuned...

By way of introduction...

As of  October 1st, 2010, we are the new owners of Brown Floral!

How do I begin to describe this partnership?  Well, Rob and I began working together a few years ago in Franchise Development for AlphaGraphics.  We were over the Western Region of the United States.  We worked hard and were pretty successful.  We kept coming up with different ideas to develop business and after awhile decided to put our creative efforts into something we could call our own.  So with the support of our spouses, Sandy and Nathan, we decided to buy a local business and Tuh Duh!


Welcome to our new Brown Floral blog! We plan to post often about items like shop updates, floral ideas, design help and much more. So please follow us and let us know what you think... Thanks!