Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Here comes the Bride...s!

It's that time of year again where brides call and come in to talk about their wedding flowers. We thought we'd post a quick guideline of things to bring to your consultation. An organized bride who has given some thought to her floral desires before coming in will have a much more productive meeting than one who has not taken the time to give it some thought!

Item #1 -
Bring a list of the florals that you will need. Nothing is worse than a bride who answers the question "how many brides maids do you have?" by counting them on her fingers!

Item #2 -
Pictures of both bridal gown and brides maids dresses. The more we can get a feel for your style, the better.

Items #3 -
Floral inspiration pictures. This is really a must. Collect pictures of flowers that show your style. A picture is truly worth a thousand words and most brides do not know the name of many flowers. What better way to show the texture, color, style and size of each flower element than showing us pictures. We highly recommend TheKnot.com and other sources for finding great, real wedding photos. Most online sources even let you search by color and season!

Also, if there are flowers or styles you don't really care for, photos of them as a "Don't" are helpful also. Remember, we are trying to get into your head, as quickly and efficiently as possible during your consultation.

Item #4 -
Lastly but still importantly, come in with a budget. Here's were people get tripped up. They've been told, never tell them how much you are willing or able to pay but with your flowers, that is exactly what you should do. If a bride tells us what she needs, what general look and feel she wants, what colors and what season, We are much more likely to be able to give her suggestions to help her stick to her budget than show her things that blow the doors off of it! Your florist should be your partner. If you do not trust us to be honest with you, you probably should not even be coming for a consultation. We're not here to take advantage, we're here to help you create the wedding of your dreams!

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