Friday, July 22, 2011

An Evening of Excellance!

Saturday night was FABULOUS! We enjoyed such a wonderful evening with truly amazing women. Quinn gave a great workshop on finding greater joy in our lives, teaching on how to "be present" and clear our minds of unproductive and stressful thinking that adds stress to our lives and detracts from the beautiful moments that surround us every day. She challenged each of us to create a "joy list" of 25 things that bring us joy, and to use it to draw happiness during the more challenging times of our day. There was a wonderful feeling in the room as Quinn spoke, I think we all greatly benefited from her message!

(If you are interested in hearing more about what Quinn spoke about, her book is now available to buy online!!! For this weekend only, use the promotion code "happy-birthday" at checkout and get 50% off! Go here to buy her ebook "Mothers Alive with Passion, Peace, and Purpose," you will LOVE it!)

After being emotionally uplifted by Quinn, we were privelaged to hear from Katie Dudley, an extremely talented Utah Photographer who specializes in food, children, and family photography. She taught us great tricks on how to better capture the beautiful moments in our life with our cameras, encouraging us to go beyond "auto" mode and explore the various options that our cameras have to offer. She also taught us about composition as well as the importance of lighting in photography and how to capture the perfect light so as to capture the perfect picture!
(To see Katie's beautiful work and for more information on hiring her to capture the beauty of your loved ones, visit her blog, she would love to hear from you!)

To conclude the evening, we heard from Abbie on the powerful benefits of doTERRA essential oils, and the incredible ability they have to ease stress, tension, headaches, and achieve an overall feeling of balance and serenity. After hearing about some of the wonderful things these amazing oils have to offer, we enjoyed making bath salts and getting to try the oils out for ourselves! Abbie gave a great introductory class on these oils, but she was only scratching the surface! We are so excited to host another event here at Brown Floral to further delve into the world doTERRA, so if you couldn't make it last Saturday, or if you came but are wanting to learn more (I know I am!) then come on August 5th to our "Mothers and Daughters Pamper Each Other" event. Go HERE to learn more about it and reserve your ticket, there is limited space available so be sure to buy your ticket ASAP, we would LOVE to see you there!

We are so grateful for these lovely ladies coming and sharing their talents with us, we look forward to hosting many future events just like this one! 

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