Friday, March 16, 2012

Colorstrology in the Month of March

Michael Berndhart, creator of Colorstrology, writes: 
"The colors that we see all around us are a reflection of the sun's light in all its glory. It is magic made visible... you are a part of that rainbow of light and just as being born on a particular day under a particular Sun sign offers insights into your personality and nature, there is also a personal color that corresponds to the real you. It is the color that reflects the very essence of your specific birth date." 
The color for the month of March, Fair Aqua
 Dreamy and illusive, this colors helps guide people between the conscience and subconcience world. Fair Aqua evokes the qualities of trust and clarity. Neptune, God of the oceans, presides over the month of March.Wearing, meditating, or surrounding yourself with the color Fair Aqua  helps you see past the world of appearances, it can also help increase faith and psychic ability.
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Using aqua to accent any flower

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  1. Hi, what kind of flowers are the pink and peach ones in the aqua jug, second picture in the list (3rd on the page)? Theyre beautiful